The graduation day for B4 students. All the best for your bright future!


A defense for B4 students

Our three B4 students have finished oral presentations for their graduation theses.

I hope the students have enjoyed the event.



The new semester has begun!

Two students have joined us; Mr. Musah Abugri (M1) and Ms. Zhang Meng (RS).

Welcome to our laboratory. I hope you'll enjoy our activities!



Best Wishes!

Today was a graduation day of our university. In our laboratory, Dinh san received a Ph.D. degree, while Linlin san and Tien san got Master degrees. Unfortunately, only Linlin san could come to the campus. So we celebrated online.

Congratulations! All the best for the bright future ahead of you.


A season of dissertation defenses

Late summer is one of the busiest seasons for some graduate students.

In our laboratory, a Ph.D. student and two Master course students have just finished oral presentations for their dissertations. Fortunately we could successfully organized these events online.

Due to COVID-19, we had a lot of difficulties in doing research and education. We are trying to do our best under this circumstances.

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