About Us


In April 2018, our laboratory was renovated, and we received new staff and students, owing to a reorganization of the Division of Environmental Management in the Graduate School.

In April 2021, our undergraduate level education was reassigned to the Faculty of Agriculture, owing to a faculty level reorganization.

Features of Our Laboratory

Viewpoint: Social Sciences and Humanities (esp. Politics and Economics)

Social sciences and humanities can contribute greatly to solving environmental problems, and we are employing perspectives from these fields, especially political and economic perspectives to broadly re-examine environmental issues.

Research Theme: Our Environment from “Asian Perspectives” and Beyond

Do we follow “Asian ways” of sustainable development? If we do, how can they contribute to sustainable development in other regions? Based on domestic, foreign, and international researches from Asia and other regions, we wish to examine changes in human–nature relationships and the balance between development and environment.

Methodology: Fieldwork

For both staff and students, fieldwork is an essential part of research. Through extensive fieldwork, we seek to develop a down-to-earth understanding of the world.

Communication: Multilingual

Our students come from various countries in Asia. We, therefore, seek ways to facilitate multilingual communications, including the use of English and Japanese, so that all students can learn from each other. The staff also speaks several languages, which include Japanese, English, Thai, and Lao.

Action: Looking Beyond Academic Fields

Our activities sometimes extend outside of academia. We wish to commit to our society through diverse activities.