Students in AY2021

Doctor's Course

Nguyen Cong Dinh

渡邉 大樹(Watanabe Hiroki)

Nguyen Quang Tan

Research Theme:Community-based tourism, community development, community-based resource management, local livelihood, risk management and climate change adaptation.

Message:I've had the chance to study in this laboratory during 2018-2019 academic year when I was a master student. Now, I continue with my new position as a doctoral student. Although it is expected to be a long and difficult journey, I believe I will finish it in the best way because of the enthusiastic support from professors. Welcome to our laboratory!

Master's Course

張琳琳(Zhang Lin Lin)

Pham Thi Trieu Tien

Irsan Nuryanto

Undergraduate Course

4th year Students

市川 優之介(Ichikawa Yunosuke)

黒田 凌太(Kuroda Ryota)

水之江 文哉(Mizunoe Fumiya)

3rd Year Students

重松 花音(Shigematsu Kanon)

吉田 匠(Yoshida Takumi)

Research Students and Others