We are doing research in our laboratory on various research titles related the landscape. In this point, the landscape can be emphasized in the natural landscape with the seasonal changes, the environment of the rural areas and fishing villages where the history of the human being activities was marked. And thus, the research objects are not only so-called landscape in the narrow sense such as images and impressions felt from the scenery itself, but also landscape that is the region including the backgrounds, history, and cultural traditions.

In other words, our academic activities are mainly based on analyzing and examining the realities and problems in the landscape and regional components by proposing the solution mechanisms and methods. In addition, we, of course, research the wonderful landscapes -for instance, sightseeing spots, parks, and food production spaces such as farmlands and sales facilities- where the characteristics of the local society are symbolized, and also in the opposite parallel, the shabby landscapes -for instance, uncultivated arable lands and garbage or wastes-. Besides giving a special focus on the current conditions and problems in the landscapes and regions, we aim to create and establish an advance planning and management method to use a cultural tradition and potential resources of the regions. In detail, please see the photographs given above. Finally, we are primarily seeking an exact and comprehensive research for making a good use of the social science methods.

Our laboratory members are made up of a professor, graduate students (both Ph.D. and Master’s candidates), and the 3rd-4th grade students of our faculty together with cheerful and ambitious international students.