Department of Environmental Management Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University

Japanese Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, Division of Social Engineering and Environmental Management, Department of Rural Environment Management

Admissions Policy–The Ideal Candidate

The Department of Environmental Management Engineering welcomes applicants who want to both create and manage rural communities where nature and humans coexist in harmony, and who want to understand the functions of plants, soil, aquatic animals, water and matter cycles, land use policy, public project policies, and landscape management. We look for applicants who have a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry and who wish to develop a broad perspective and challenge themselves to find creative solutions for societal problems.
We ask that applicants have completed the following courses in mathematics and science before entering the program: Math I, Math II, Math III, Math A, and Math B; and two courses in physics, chemistry, biology, or geology.