Department of Environmental Management Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University

Japanese Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, Division of Social Engineering and Environmental Management, Department of Rural Environment Management

Purposes and Structure

Department of Environmental Management Engineering

The main purposes of our department are education of undergraduate students and research in environmental management engineering from the viewpoints of the natural, ecological, and social sciences in order to prepare students to properly manage water resources and the natural environment in rural areas. Our department consists of three divisions: Ecosystem Engineering, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, and Social Sciences in Environmental Management.

The Ecosystem Engineering division conducts research in science and technology to improve the natural environment through appropriate management of soils, lands, vegetation, surface water, and ground water.

The Water Resources and Environmental Engineering division studies engineering technologies for proper use and management of water resources based on the mechanisms of the water cycle.

The Social Sciences in Environmental Management division develops better environmental and regional management systems in rural areas by studying land conservation, rural development, and life style using socioeconomic approaches, with consideration of a better balance between human activities and the natural environment.