Department of Environmental Management Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University

Japanese Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, Division of Social Engineering and Environmental Management, Department of Rural Environment Management

Introduction of the three divisions

Natural Environment Management - To solve natural environmental problems based on ecosystem science


We are now confronted with global problems such as desertification, soil erosion, salt accumulation, ecosystem collapse, food production crisis, deforestation and water pollution, and should consider stable use and maintenance of a natural environment.
This division elucidates the structure of complex natural environments through soil science and phytobiology, aquatic zoology, and work on planning the restoration, maintenance, and management of natural environments.
In addition, studies have recently been conducted on issues such as the purification of water by aquatic plants, outbreaks of water pollution, and effects of greenhouse gases on agriculture, amelioration of soil salinization, and analysis of local scale natural environments using geographic information system (GIS) and satellite remote sensing technologies.

Management of Watershed Environment- For efficient use of water resources


The water in a river comes from rain and snow in areas called “watersheds”. This water is used for drinking, agricultural, and industrial purposes. However, water scarcity and disasters, such as floods and slope failures, sometimes occur due to heavy rain.
In this research area, we have worked on the following topics:

Through the above research, we can contribute to efficient use of water resources.

Environmental Management - Investigating suitable regional management from a global perspective


Natural and cultural resources such as the landscape are essential common properties of all humanity. "Wise use," which means sustainable use of natural and cultural resources by maintaining the regional environment, is an important concept today. The Environmental Management division considers human activities, such as regional development or machizukuri projects in Asian rural areas, from a social scientific approach and focuses on suitable regional management to build a sustainable society.